Stylish LOL Surprise OMG Prince Bee Fashion Doll

A small family of LOL Surprise OMG boys has replenished with a new character with a "Let's Kick It" attitude towards life. Prince Bee comes with 20 surprises and is ready to impress you with his stylish outfits.

LOL Surprise OMG Prince Bee

This toy is contemporary. And those of you who already own the fantastic Queen Bee fashion doll might need to complete their collection with this fierce bro.

Amazon offers the newest release, OMG Price Bee, at $29.99. What can you enjoy for this price?

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LOL Surprise OMG Prince Bee

LOL OMG Prince Bee

The dark-skinned character with huge brown eyes and dark lips loves to wear golden brown hair like a mohawk, well treated with hairspray. LOL Surprise OMG Prince Bee comes with an articulated body ready to pose for all your photoshoots.

Judging by the large number of golden elements and a massive chain around his neck, the prince listens to rap and loves to dress fashionably and keep up with the fashion times.

His clothes are dominated by black and golden hues. And massive yellow boots with molded chains look great with any outfit that the boy doll has in his wardrobe.

Prince Bee

By the way, the box with LOL Surprise OMG Prince Bee includes:

  • A collectible poseable fashion boy doll;
  • A couple of outfits, including a waistcoat, jacket, and a hoodie;
  • A pair of shoes;
  • Highly-detailed accessories (sunglasses, wristwatch, necklace, and earrings);
  • A hairbrush;
  • A doll stand;
  • Hangers for the clothes.

While the toy looks contemporary, many customers note that Prince Bee has reminiscent of the 80s in his look.

LOL OMG Boy Fashion Doll S2


The fierce-looking LOL Surprise OMG Prince Bee has everything to add fun to your playtime or collection. His highly-detailed accessories and stunning outfits will make you feel happy!

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