New 2022 LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Dolls

Here they come, all grown-up, fiercely beautiful, and with their long legs that can make anyone jealous on the catwalk. MGA Entertainment presented the first characters in the 2022 LOL Surprise OMG Fierce line. Every doll you already know so well looks incredible in a new spotlight.

Lol Surprise OMG Fierce

The Fierce line slogan sounds like Outrageous Millennial Girls. Are you willing to add each new doll to your OMG collection?

LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Dolls

You will hear no new names. But you will see Swag, Royal Bee, Neonlicious, and Lady Diva as if for the first time. They have changed so much since their teenage years!

Amazon offers these Fierce fashion dolls at $36.88 each. A doll's size is 11.5 inches!

Disclosure. This post includes Amazon affiliate links to the new Lol Surprise OMG Fierce collection and more fashion dolls. Our blog might earn a small commission at no cost to you if you order through the links.

LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Swag

Lol OMG Fierce Swag

New makeup is inspiring! Swag loves sporty style, bright colors, and African braids. Her blonde long hair is braided into hundreds of braids that suit her so well! The cute baby hairs drawn on Lol Surprise OMG Fierce Swag forehear are simply adorable!

The bright green eyes of the doll are lined with sky blue shadows. And bright red lipstick on her full lips looks great with a red and white outfit. Golden shades in clothes emphasize high yellow boots.

The fashion doll comes with golden accessories (earrings, necklaces, wristwatch). Her look is completed when you put on the corset, and stylish sunglasses, give her a red purse and hide her head from the bright sun rays under a hat.

LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Royal Bee

Lol Surprise OMG Fierce Royal Bee

Brown-eyed fashionista Royal Bee has matured a lot! Her luxurious hair is now adorned with a crown created from braids and blond strands that have faded in the sun.

The doll does not change her favorite colors. In her clothes, you will see only black and gold tones. Even the lipstick is chocolate.

The beautiful outfit will stand out on any beach and in the crowd. Her bodysuit, beehive cuff, and gloves look incredible! And the similarity with a bee is emphasized by the special shape of the sunglasses.

Short black shorts look cool with high socks in a large mesh and fashionable boots on a golden platform.

LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Neonlicious

Lol Surprise OMG Fierce Neonlicious

Delicate Neonlishious seems to have matured, but still loves the colors of cotton candy. This fashionista dyes her long hair orange and scarlet, styling two ponytails when she goes out.

LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Neonlicious compliments her orange outfit (a top with a skirt) with high striped socks (one is pink and the other one is blue), white heeled sandals, and a pink-black-and-white fall jacket.

The rainbow freckles on her face are stars and hearts. Her kitty-shaped sunglasses, colorful hairpins, accessories, and exclusive purse make her look very special and kind of childish.

LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Lady Diva

Lol OMG Fierce Lady Diva

This blonde 11.5-inch doll can grow up, but her love for pink color will never disappear. No matter how tall her legs are and how old she is, LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Lady Diva will ensure that her stylish outfit would always include some pink accents.

This time the cutie wears a one-sleeve dress-like outfit in black and pink shades, bright pink fur stole, boots and boot covers, many fashion accessories, and carries a purse-to-die-for in her hands.

Her blue eyes look stunning with baby pink eye shadows and bright pink lipstick.


Each doll is promised to be of collector-doll quality! The LOL Surprise OMG Fierce line boasts jointed bodies, luxe fashion pieces, and 15 fantastic surprises. You just cannot miss this 2022 release! Can you?

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