New Rainbow High Series 4 Dolls: Character Names

MGA Entertainment introduces new characters with the release of Rainbow High Series 4 fashion dolls. Learn each poseable doll's character names and unique features and see photos of stunning fashionistas.

Rainbow High Series 4

The new collection of 6 dolls includes first-to-be-seen releases you might fall in love with at once.

Rainbow High Series 4 Dolls

All six characters are already available on Amazon. You can order any Rainbow High Series 4 doll at $29.99.

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Are you ready to meet each new cutie with a poseable body and interchangeable fashion pieces?

Delilah Fields (with Albinism)

Rainbow High Series 4 Delilah Fields

The stunning buttercup yellow fashion doll reminds Queen Alice Toys blog of Sunny Madison from Series 1. She has a similar shade of hair but a different hairstyle. Her lovely curls and baby hairs drawn on the forehead make her unique and adorable.

Rainbow High Delilah Fields is the first toy in the series with Albinism. She has white eyelashes, light eyes, yellow shadows, full red lips, and little freckles all over her nose and cheeks.

The fashionable prescription eyeglasses look fantastic. And all the daisies in the doll's outfits are very gentle and stylish.

The package includes:

  • A cute Rainbow High doll with Albinism;
  • A golden doll stand;
  • A pair of white jeans with daisy embroidery;
  • Yellow top;
  • White top;
  • Yellow skirt;
  • Yellow dress;
  • White lace socks;
  • A golden hairbrush;
  • Prescription eyeglasses;
  • Cute bug earrings;
  • Daisy bracelet;
  • Daisy heels;
  • White fashion boots with golden accents.

Lila Yamamoto

Rainbow High Series 4 Lila Yamamoto

A pretty mauve purple fashion doll, Lila Yamamoto, has Japanese roots, and her favorite flowers are sakura. Thus, Lila's outfits and hair are in all shades of purple.

The doll's long hair is styled in two high buns made from braids. This Rainbow High street-style icon from Tokyo loves to experiment with her makeup. Lila likes to draw little flowers on her cheeks and wear a stylish patch on her nose.

The box with this Rainbow High Series 4 cutie includes:

  • A lovely Japanese doll;
  • A purple doll stand and hairbrush;
  • A pretty charmeuse top with flower decor;
  • An adorable metallic skirt with Japanese symbols;
  • A top with floral appliques;
  • A pleated mesh skit;
  • Two belts;
  • Japanese platform shoes with ribbon lacing;
  • Black shoes;
  • Sakura earrings;
  • Hair ribbons;
  • Fingerless gloves.

Coco Vanderbalt

Coco Vanderbalt Rainbow High Series 4

The cobalt blue fashion doll has long, pretty hair of blue shade that looks stunning with Coco's dark skin and white-and-blue outfits.

The pretty girl dreams of becoming a promotor or reaching other heights in digital media. Coco Vanderbalt from Rainbow High Series 4 looks self-confident and strongly believes in herself.

The toy package comes with:

  • A short white dress with blue details;
  • A bomber jacket with stylish patches;
  • A color-block skirt;
  • A top with cord lacing;
  • Two pairs of heeled sandals;
  • Adorable sunglasses;
  • White mesh socks;
  • Silver earrings;
  • A blue doll stand and hairbrush.

Jewel Richie (with Vitiligo)

Jewel Richie Rainbow High Series 4

A beautiful emerald green fashion doll, Jewel Richie, is the first Rainbow High toy with Vitiligo.

Jewel is from Puerto Rico. She loves green colors and high fashion; her beautiful emerald green hair matches the doll's eyes and eye shadows— no wonder the clothes and accessories also repeat similar shades.

Inside the toy box, you will find:

  • Pretty earrings with emerald stones;
  • A lovely sequins dress;
  • A top and skirt with metallic eyelets;
  • A black leather jacket with a faux fur collar;
  • Cute sandals (two pairs);
  • A stylish choker;
  • Five bracelets;
  • A green doll stand and hairbrush.

Meena Fleur

Rainbow High 4 Meena Fleur

This saffron gold Rainbow High Series 4 doll reminds our blog of an Indian princess. The toy is unique thanks to her long curly orange hair and henna tattoos.

You can see golden and orange shades in Meena Fleur's clothes, hair, accessories, and shoes. The box includes:

  • A doll;
  • A one-shoulder top;
  • Golden pants with cord lacing decor;
  • Pretty Indian costume that consists of a top and a wrap skirt;
  • Two pairs of shoes (sandals and platforms);
  • Nice set of Indian jewelry;
  • A sparkling doll stand and hairbrush.

Mila Berrymore

Mila Berrymore Rainbow High 4

The sixth character in our Rainbow High Series 4 doll review is a burgundy red fashion doll named Mila Berrymore. The toy comes with very long straight hair, nice makeup, and stylish outfits.

Mila dreams of becoming a photographer. Thus, knowing which fashion looks wow, she dresses all the time nicely.

The package includes:

  • A fishnet top;
  • A leather jacket and skirt;
  • Black tights;
  • Adorable velvet dress;
  • Two pairs of boots;
  • RH earrings;
  • A burgundy doll stand and hairbrush.

The doll's clothes feature embroidered pieces and quilted stitches.

Each Rainbow High Series 4 doll also receives two hangers for her clothes. The toys are 11 inches tall, and all have realistic glass eyes.

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