Shadow High Series 1: Grayscale Fashion Dolls

These fashion dolls are tired of hiding in the shadow. So, meet Shadow High Series 1. This impressive playline features grayscale cuties who study fine arts and love to be creative like no one else.

Shadow High Series 1

The official release of the new Shadow High Series 1 dolls is announced for April 25, 2022. Are you ready for grayscale fun?

Rainbow High grayscale fashion dolls

Shadow High Series 1

Of course, the new Shadow High girls look like their colorful friends from Rainbow High. You can see similar giant glass eyes with long eyelashes, full lips, rooted hair, jointed body, and interchangeable fashion clothes.

The new line features the same bodies as Rainbow High dolls. Thus you can redress all these characters and pose them for stunning colorful and grayscale photos.

Amazon offers Shadow High Series 1 dolls at $29.99 per toy. And you can already pre-order these novelties.

Disclosure. This post includes Amazon affiliate links to Shadow High and Rainbow High dolls. The blog might earn a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through the links.

The first six characters in Series 1 are Heather Grayson, Natasha Zima, Ash Silverstone, Nicole Steel, Luna Madison, and Shanelle Onyx. Queen Alice Toys blog wants to introduce each new character to you.

Heather Grayson

Heather Grayson Shadow High doll

Even though Heather Grayson from Shadow High Series 1 loves black and white clothes and dyes her hair half white and half black, her eyes are light blue.

The doll loves making high ponytails and decorating her hair with pins and stylish hairpieces. Heather loves wearing dresses and pants. And judging by her styles, her favorite clothes decor is snakeskin print. Her creamy leather jacket looks great with any fashion piece, and her high heel shoes feature either a snake around the heel or snakeskin print and ankle straps.

A toy stand, doll chocker, additional top, and other accessories make this Shadow High doll a must-have in your collection.

Natasha Zima

Natasha Zima Shadow High doll

If you favor long white hair, which you can brush, braid and restyle, you will love Natasha Zima character. This new Shadow High Series 1 doll looks fantastic with her high ponytail, bright greenish eyes, and dark lips.

This girl loves to party, and her favorite color is white. Thus, her skirt, top, satin bow dress, fur coat, and shoes are white. Stunning details such as pearls and sparkles make her outfit super adorable and holiday styled.

Complete her looks with a pair of earrings, knee-high boots, or gem sandals.

Ash Silverstone

Ash Silverstone Shadow High boy doll

Seeing a boy doll in the first series of Shadow High dolls is incredible. Ash Silverstone has the same eye color as Natasha Zima. The silvery black hair with shaved parts, pretty eyes, and a gorgeous smile make this character a gem of your new collection.

It is stunning that Ash Silverstone comes with many fashion pieces (two complete outfits). His wardrobe has everything a creative boy needs: t-shirts, nylon joggers with cute patches, pants with molded zipper pulls, two jackets, two pairs of sneakers, and black socks.

Use the stand to pose your Shadow High boy doll.

Nicole Steel

Nicole Steel Shadow High doll

A beauty with Titanium curls styled in two ponytails, Nicole Steel, has tiger eyes. She seems to love sports. Thus, her fashion pieces include biker shorts, stretched top and dress, comfortable sneakers, high sock boots, and other elements.

This Shadow High Series 1 doll also comes with two jackets that can complete her street styles, whether running in the morning or partying at night.

Add some accessories, use the doll stand and think of various poses your Nicole Steel can take to look even more beautiful in photos than she does in reality.

Luna Madison

Luna Madison Shadow High doll

The pretty Luna doll has the hairstyle like Sunny Madison in the original Rainbow High release. Her long straight hair comes with two hair buns, bangs, and curled sidelocks. Thus, anyone who wants to get Sunny's "sister" from the shadows can add Luna Madison to their collection of Rainbow High and Shadow High toys.

Unlike Sunny, Luna doesn't love the color yellow. Her favorite shades are metallic grey, although her glass eyes are purple. The two interchangeable outfits let Luna dress for concerts, parties, and regular night-outs with her friends. You will find a metallic silver dress, finger-cut gloves, regular and knee-high gladiator sandals, a black dress, a silver jacket with sportive sleeves, and extra accessories in the box.

Use the comb to brush the doll's hair and Luna's toy stand to pose your new cutie for an impressive silver and black photoshoot.

Shanelle Onyx

Shanelle Onyx Shadow High doll dark skin

The only dark-skinned doll in the new Shadow High Series 1 line is Shanelle Onyx. This gorgeous lady has long black hair styled in a high ponytail. You will enjoy the several white streaks that match the cute makeup and white baby hairs drawn on the forehead if you let it down.

Shanelle looks fantastic in her ombre A-line dress that features a black top and black-to-white gradient skirt. This outfit is completed with adorable lace-style sandals. But when the party is over, the doll can change her holiday outfit to a regular skirt and top with pearl trim and a leather jacket with tulle sleeves.

Add silver studs, brush the rooted hair, decorate it with a black bow and enjoy playing with a fantastic new doll line.

The grayscale "sisters" and "brother" of Rainbow High dolls, Shadow High Series 1, will amaze everyone who loves black and white shades. The bright eyes and silver accents make these new dolls a must-add to your collection.

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